Hydrate Your Wash-and-Go

Wash-and-go is a term many connect with a quick shampooing and conditioning. Hydration is the key element that's missing in the wash-and-go mindset. That's why I like to call it a hydrate-and-go. It's the water and proper steps that make the curls pop.

To create the best hydrate-and-go, shampooing with the correct products will remove buildup and help styling products work better. Also, the shampooing process preps the hair strands for the conditioning treatment. Be sure the shampoo is entirely rinsed out so the conditioners can work. Let's say; shampooing is the foundation of the house you are building.

Let's move on to building the floors - the conditioners. Conditioners should be massage into the strands and not the scalp. Once hair strands are coated, use a detangling brush or your fingers to remove any knots. I like Kavella's recovery mask deep conditioner. Especially for dry hair. Next, cover the hair with a plastic cap and towel. Wait ten minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Here's a tip. If conditioners aren't rinsed thoroughly, buildup, hair loss, and dandruff can occur.

And now for building the walls. When styling a hydrate-and-go, apply products section by section. This method ensures all the hair strands are coated and detangled. Terra Veda's curl Slayer and curl primer are great for styling super curly hair. For the curlies that like mousse, I suggest AG mousse gel. It's light and fluffy and will keep your curls intact.

Let's put a roof on the house. I call it drying time. When your hair is clean and hydrated and your products properly applied, it's time to dry. It's what sets your hair in place. Drying ninety percent under a hooded drier or with a diffuse will work. It keeps the style from frizzing and lasting.

Here's a little bonus. I'll call it your dream car in your garage. All hair isn't created equal. Work with what you have, except and embrace your curl type, and you'll never be disappointed.

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