White Hair Wisdom

Over the past decade, women want more freedom with their hair. Perm sales declined and fashion hair colors soared. Until recently, white hair that was once for grandma is now in vogue. The freedom to be yourself is the new slogan.

Yellowing can be a problem with white hair. Using products without artificial colors, fragrance, and oils will help. Flat ironing on high heat can react with the ingredients, and be difficult to remove. However, if the yellowing was due to prolonged heat, it can be a sign the hair was burned.

To combat the yellowing from products, try SoftSheen Bantu Yellow Out conditioner. It was initially designed to remove the yellow cast perms left after a chemical service. Multiple shampooing and conditioning treatments may be needed to fully remove the cast. If the yellow is still in the hair, seek professional help, and minimize heat.

If you're a swimmer, use a swim cap and conditioners that have fewer chemicals in it. By doing this, the hair will be less affected by the water. If you have fine hair, try a leave-in conditioner. It can help minimize yellowing without weighing down the hair. If you have dreadlocks, A leave-in is light enough and won't cause build-up. My personal favorite is Kavella's Moisture Mist. It forms a light barrier around the hair that helps it retain moisture, which is why they use it in their product.

Having natural white hair doesn't have to be a challenge. The less direct heat and products with chemicals you use will help. If you keep that in mind, it will save a lot of pain.

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